Our Mission

Passionate Relationships Int'l is an independent and non-denominational platform that is concerned with just one thing. “Bringing the will of God to pass in marriages”. It is a mandate, a ministry and a total relationship platform.

PRI is an independent and non-denominational ministry which offers outreaches to all kinds of relationships ranging from Marital relationships, Courtships, Engaged, Singles, Siblings and Prolonged singleton

Passionate Couples Awards 2017


  • 1.To encourage, persuade and urge people in relationship to do the right thing passionately and continuously.

  • 2.Encouraging people in relationship to maximize synergy in their relationships

  • 3.To re-invigorate and replenish the spirit of love and togetherness

  • 4.To intervene, intercede, mediate, plead, negotiate and arbitrate between people in relationship with conflicts for forgiveness, restoration and acceptance.

  • 5.We would support families or individuals going through any problems with encouragement, counsel, advice, one-to-one counsel, and prayer. These issues can be any issue that involves marriage, families, and workplace.


  • 1. Monthly on-line prayer and intercession for families
  • 2. PRI Marriage Seminars with or without a guest speaker
  • 3. Annual Couples Night
  • 4. Bi-Annual Family & Couples Award/Recognition Ceremony

Our Audience:

  • 1.Married Couples
  • 2.Singles
  • 3.Prolonged Singletons
  • 4.Families
  • 5.Siblings


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